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Not sure how to begin? 
Here is our Quick Guide to buying spectacles from Favoptics. 

1. Get your eyes tested. 
If you haven't had a sight test within the last two years then visit you local optician for a sight test and make sure they give you a copy of your prescription when you leave. 
If you have had a sight test within the last two years then that prescription is still valid. If you have a copy then proceed to step 2. If not then ask your optician for a copy. They will not give it to you over the phone but they could post it or fax it if you cannot collect it in person. They may ask you for a small fee for a copy of the prescription. 

2. Choose a frame
See our choosing a frame guide if you need help. 
In brief men's frames tend to be larger, more rectangular and in more sober colours. Ladies frames tend to be smaller, more oval and often in brighter colours. Many of our frames are suitable for either. If you see a frame you like don't be put off if it is listed as a mans frame and you are a lady. These are guidelines only. 
There are two other things to consider, if you have a high prescription, say higher than +/-3.00D then a narrower (width) is better as it will allow us to keep the lenses thinner. 
Secondly if you need bifocals or varifocals a deeper frame is best as it allows us to get the reading area in. If a frame is too shallow you will not be able to select a bifocal or varifocal lens in the options. 

3. Choose your lenses
See our choosing a lens guide for more information. 
We sell all types of lenses just like your local opticians but at a fraction of the cost. Bifocals from £30 extra and varifocals from £50 extra. 

4. Add to cart

5. Second pair? 
If you need a second pair for reading or perhaps some sunglasses, this is the best time to add them in as the postage remains the same no matter how many pairs you choose. 

6. Fill in your details
We are required to collect some basic information about you such as name, address, DOB etc just like your local opticians would. You can check out without starting a new account but if you choose to open an account all your details will be saved for next time. 

7. Enter your prescription
It is important you enter this exactly as it is written, see our understanding your prescription guide for further details. Be very careful with + and - signs. If you are not sure then enter +0.00D and send us the prescription by post, fax or as an email. (A photo with a smart phone is usually sufficient) If we spot something that doesn't look right we will contact you before placing the order but ultimately we cannot be held responsible if you enter an incorrect prescription. 

8. Await delivery
Some spectacles can be despatched on the same day as we have a stock of lenses here but most distance, reading or intermediate prescriptions will be sent out within a few working days. Bifocals and varifocals may take up to about 10 working days to be posted out. 
A note about postage - Could you get a spectacle case through your letterbox? If not it may be best to have them sent out recorded delivery so we know you have received them. 

9. Adjustments
In many cases your spectacles will fit straight out the box, however if they don't then see our adjustments guide for further advice. If you are unsure or unwilling to make adjustments yourself then your local optician will normally help. Some opticians may make a small charge for adjustments but this is unusual. 

10. Tell all your friends!
Let everyone know where you got your new glasses.